Private workshops and consultations are held for emerging interior decorators and designers. Generally, attendees are completing/have just completed diplomas or degrees but are needing the more practical everyday information to start their businesses. Topics we cover include how to brand and promote your business, how to invoice and where to source. Tahn also shares her own contact list, which can potentially save someone new to the business many, many months of work.

For a little positive, gentle guidance on how to start your interiors business, please fill in the form below.

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“Thank you for an amazing workshop. The information you provided was invaluable and really gives me a great deal of guidance and reassurance. Such a lovely morning and great fun.” Toni van Dorp

“I wanted to thank you for a  lovely day yesterday. I really appreciate your time and energy. After two years of fulltime study elsewhere, I felt I had loads of technical information but was completely lacking in all the practical information needed to actually set myself up in design. You’ve inspired me and helped me feel more confident moving forward.” Katrina De Vere, KD Interior Design

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